Mobile Auto Detailing

Your vehicle is a costly investment and a personal statement. It is important that your vehicle says the right thing about you, even more so, that your investment is always properly cared for. With the help of Detailz Car Care's mobile auto detailers, maintaining your vehicle has never been easier.

Using the finest additive-free cleaning products available today, we strive to preserve the integrity of your vehicle's parts. From the tires and the exterior to the engine and the interior, we clean it all—and we clean it for an incredible rate.

Here, we take pride in every little detail. Schedule a visit from our mobile auto detailing professionals by contacting us at (408) 500-7427 today.

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Auto Detailing to Your Door

In business since 1993, we have established ourselves as the leading mobile auto detailing company in the region. We’ve risen the ranks by providing the same services as an auto service center, right here in your very own driveway or car lot. With our services, you don’t just get the same results as an auto detailing shop, either. With us, the results are even more wonderful.

The secret to our success lies in the comprehensive nature of our work. We offer a variety of cleaning and detailing packages to our clientele, and we extend these courtesies to owners of vehicles, both big and small.

Auto Detailing Done 100% by Hand

It is the little things that make a difference in our industry. Instead of relying on endless nozzles and machinery to clean your vehicle, we eliminate any trace of grit and grime by hand. With a literal hands-on approach such as ours, we are capable of cleaning even the most hard to reach places with ease.

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Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing for You

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of our auto detailing services. When it comes to interior auto detailing, we clean the inside of your vehicle from top to bottom. With our interior cleaning services, you can expect:

  • Seat and carpet vacuuming
  • Seat and carpet extraction for deep clean
  • Clean and sanitized plastic surfaces
  • Window cleaning

We even go so far as to clean your engine. Upon request, we will scrub, dry, and dress the engine and all the vital plastic components.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of your vehicle is of the utmost importance. We clean the wheels, tires, the windows, and everything else imaginable. We will also give the vehicle a foam bath, a thorough waxing, or ceramic coat upon request.

Make a Strong Impression with a Clean Car

First impressions matter. Make sure your vehicle never fails to leave a good impression on fellow motorists, potential buyers, or peers. When you request the expertise of our auto detailing team, you can rest easy knowing every inch of your vehicle is cleaned to perfection.

From the engine's plastics to the back bumper, we clean it all.

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